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Texas Instruments Space EP: Rad-Tolerant Products for New Space and LEO Missions

October 4, 2021

Marti speaks with Gary Reichmuth, Texas Instruments General Manager for Aerospace & Defense, about TI's approach to rad-tolerant products that meet the needs of New Space.


TI has a long history in the space industry, with parts currently hurtling into the unknown beyond our solar system on the Voyager missions. But "New Space," the recent shift from government space programs to commercial and private space launches and innovation, is exploring applications much closer to home.


When it comes to satellite constellations and low Earth orbit (LEO) missions, programs need to build and launch on tighter timelines to stay competitive. New Space programs need to build at lower cost in higher volume while still meeting the minimum radiation tolerance and harsh environment requirements for mission success.


TI's Space EP rad-tolerant products fit this perfect niche of cost-effective parts without compromising on performance. TI's expertise in design and experience in space allows them to make ready-to-use plastic-packaged ICs with enhanced performance and reliability screening.


Listen to Marti and Gary talk about:

(1:50) TI's history in space

(2:30) Changes in space missions and the Space EP product line

(4:20) Rad-tolerant vs rad-hard and TI's radiation testing

(6:50) New Space applications for Space EP products

(10:14) Engineering and reliability testing with the Space EP line

(13:10) TI's screening, especially radiation, and avoiding program risks

(18:47) Wafer lot variations and risks

(21:24) Space EP product family growth--new products are coming!


The TI Space EP line fills the gap between expensive rad-hard deep-space components and off-the-shelf unknowns. The last thing you want is to lose money and time in a failed product or missed launch schedule. The Space EP products significantly reduce this risk.


Spirit Electronics is an authorized distributor working closely with Texas Instruments for the Space EP line and their full range of products. Get a quote at Spirit for TI products for your mission.

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