Spirit: Behind the Screen

Tech Jobs and the Housing Market Growth in Arizona with Preston Tribble

June 28, 2021

With TSMC moving to Phoenix, the tech industry is booming right in Spirit's back yard. This has meant rising demand for both experienced employees and houses for them to live in.


Buying and selling homes has been a challenge nationally, but Marti talks with local real estate investor Preston Tribble of the Ellens Team about the unique perks and challenges we're seeing in the Phoenix area.


From changes in the workforce to the benefits of desert living, Preston talks numbers and trends around what to expect if you're part of the population boom relocating to AZ. The good news for locals and newcomers: Arizona still offers competitive affordability compared to other growing states.


Spirit Electronics is growing along with our local industry. If you're interested in working with our dedicated team, you can find out more at spiritelectronics.com/careers

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