Spirit: Behind the Screen

Spirit Vision: Where Do We Grow from Here?

January 25, 2021

This episode is truly "behind the screen" with Spirit. Marti shares some of our wins and lessons learned in 2020 as well as a preview for our facility expansion, test services coming soon, hiring openings, and what our customers can expect in 2021.


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2:15 Building Expansion

3:15 Lessons Learned

7:30 Team Growth and Hiring

11:00 New Testing Services Coming in 2021

15:20 Test Equipment Distribution

17:15 Micron and the DDR4

19:50 EPC Space

21:20 Cybersecurity

23:50 ERP System

25:15 What  can our customers expect?


In the win column, Spirit added new product lines in 2020 with Micron and EPC Space. You can hear Marti's chat with Zef Malik about the Micron DDR4 in Episode 2.


If you're excited about our growth and want to join our team or know someone ready to "hold their own umbrella" and dive in, you can apply for our open positions at www.spiritelectronics.com/careers.

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