Spirit: Behind the Screen

(Replay) What Can GaN Do in Space? Rad Hard Products and Applications with EPC Space

August 9, 2021

In the replay of this popular episode, Marti and EPC Space's CEO Bel Lazar talk about GaN reliability and performance in extreme space environments.


With growing interest in public and private space ventures and our increased dependence on satellite networks and space tech, devices like EPC Space's GaN products must withstand radiation and extreme temperatures.


Jump to these times to hear about

(2:08) The story behind the move from Silicon to GaN

(3:24) The GaN market size

(5:40) Space applications and product portfolio

(8:07) Radiation tolerance in space

(10:37) Reliability and testing to failure

(11:54) EPC Space design support


Spirit Electronics is an authorized distributor for EPC Space products. Visit spiritelectronics.com for a quote on EPC's GaN devices. 

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