Spirit: Behind the Screen

Renesas High-Reliability Components: Production Excellence and Flight Heritage for New and Deep Space

March 7, 2022

Renesas' (formerly Intersil) experience making components for the aerospace industry spans seven decades. Marti sits down with Josh Broline from Renesas's high-reliability unit to talk about what makes their rad-hard products such a cornerstone of space electronics.


Marti and Josh discuss:

(1:00)  Renesas and the Intersil brand background

(2:40)  Power management devices

(5:05)  Power management for memory and variation

(6:19)  Process technologies when designing devices for space

(8:57)  Radiation testing, low- and high-dose rate TID

(10:20)  Manufacturing, fab to qualification and out-the-door

(12:43)  Testing, failure analysis and evaluation lab capabilities

(14:20)  Specializing in aerospace and growing applications


Renesas' Intersil die & wafer products are now available at Spirit Electronics. You can learn more about their rad-hard, rad-tolerant, and die & wafer options at spiritelectronics.com or get a quote for your next space mission.

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