Spirit: Behind the Screen

Micron Memory, Applications, and Trends

February 22, 2021

What's new for memory applications and trends in 2021? Micron memory products from DRAM to SSDs have a legacy of market leadership, but you need Micron's forward-thinking product quality and development to stay ahead of the explosive growth of data and the Internet of Things (IoT).


Marti talks with David Henderson and Scott Schaefer at Micron about the new market demands they see in industrial applications, including in aerospace and defense, and how Micron's products are innovating for new applications.


Tune in to a topic

(1:58) Changes in memory

(5:10) Automotive and industrial

(7:10) Military and aerospace applications

(10:10) Types of memory

(11:10) Data in aerospace and defense

(15:10) Pandemic acceleration

(17:25) Solid state drives (SSDs)


Want to know more about how Spirit screens Micron products to meet requirements for military and aerospace customers? Episode 2 talks about screening Micron's DDR4.


David Henderson is the Director of Industrial and Consumer Segment Marketing and Scott Schaefer is a Senior Member of Technical Staff for DRAM Architecture at Micron, a leading producer in memory products and data storage. 


Spirit is an authorized distributor for Micron with special focus on product screening and qualification for aerospace and defense. You can contact our team at Spirit Electronics for a quote on Micron memory products.

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