Spirit: Behind the Screen

Latham Industries: Leading with Quality in Contract Manufacturing

March 8, 2021

How do you take the lead in a competitive market? Tracey Latham talks with Marti about what gives her company, Latham Industries, their competitive edge in contract manufacturing. Catch a preview of Spirit's new partnership with Latham Industries.


You can jump to these timestamps to hear about:

(1:10) Quality production and equipment

(4:13) Latham Industries team and experience

(6:00) Manufacturing tech in Arizona and the US

(7:40) Future for Latham Industries and Spirit Electronics


Latham Industries is an electronics contract manufacturer run by CEO and founder Tracey Latham, who has over 25 years of experience in manufacturing. Latham Industries offers printed circuit board assembly for the aerospace industry, as well as medical, industrial, communications, and security customers.


Spirit is partnering with our Phoenix, AZ neighbor Latham Industries to design a robotic solder exchange process. Stay tuned for more info from Spirit on our new value add services coming in 2021 at spiritelectronics.com.

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