Spirit: Behind the Screen

How Is Circuit Board Assembly Affected by Supply Delays? And What Are We Doing About It?

April 18, 2022

Spirit's in-house circuit card assembly partner, Latham Industries, serves customers in aerospace & defense, but also in other industries.


Tracey is back on the podcast with Marti to talk about how the chip shortage is impacting board assembly specifically. After a year of supply constraints, delays, labor shortages and price increases, Marti and Tracey cover how the current supply is affecting business and what they are doing to help customers continue production.


This is a special bonus conversation before our next episode. Stay tuned for another chat with Spirit and Latham Industries on our new automated BGA reball process.


For more information about Spirit's circuit card assembly work with Latham Industries, visit our website at spiritelectronics.com/contract-manufacturing.

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