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EPC’s Alex Lidow and GaN Reliability: How to Test to Failure for 100x Performance

February 8, 2021

Alex Lidow discusses EPC's test-to-failure method in improving gallium nitride (GaN) devices.


According to Alex, testing to failure has allowed EPC to tease out the exact stressors that cause failure and improve EPC's GaN devices 10-100 times the reliability of commercial devices, and even 100 times reliability in space applications.


Alex and Marti discuss

(1:30) Why test to fail

(4:14) Learning from failure data and stressors

(11:38) Safe Operating Area

(14:30) Mechanical stressors

(17:45) EPC Space


EPC has recently published their Phase 12 Reliability Report.


EPC (Efficient Power Conversion Co.) is the leading provider of GaN-based power management technology, and Alex Lidow is the company's CEO and cofounder. Spirit is an authorized distributor of EPC products in the aerospace and defense market. Visit spiritelectronics.com for a quote on EPC's GaN devices.

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