Spirit: Behind the Screen

Box Builds: Spirit’s System-Deliverable Solutions

May 23, 2022

Spirit offers authorized distribution, testing to MIL-STD-883, and circuit card assembly. Is that the full turnkey or can you deliver product even closer to ready-to-use?


Jeremy Rolin, Spirit's Warehouse Manager, returns to Behind the Screen to talk about running custom box build programs, where circuit cards and components are assembled into a final deliverable product. Our flexible services and assembly options even include interfacing with customer systems, serializing and barcoding, and programming box assemblies.


Jeremy also manages receiving, work orders, and shipping, directing components through our on-site lab and board assembly line.


Jeremy's Warehouse team is the hands-on operational side of Spirit, where we do far more than distribution: we offer a full system-deliverable solution to our customers.


Learn more about value-added services from XRF to board assembly at spiritelectronics.com/services.

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