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Basics of ASICs: How a Multi-Functional ASIC Shortens Lead Times and Secures Your Supply Chain

September 12, 2022

Application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) can combine multi-functional components into a single chip. With long lead times and rising prices across the industry, you can own your custom IC, shorten lead times and reduce long-term costs.


Spirit's expertise helps you through the up-front design and engineering to make a full ASIC program possible. In this episode, Marti covers the steps and benefits to running an ASIC program.


Hear about:


(1:30) Types of ASICs

(4:57) Engineering & design support

(8:05) Foundry & fabrication

(11:10) Substrate & packaging

(11:50) Testing the full range of an ASIC

(14:05) Storage & banking


For more information about ASIC programs, visit spirielectronics.com/services/asic.

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