Spirit: Behind the Screen

Assembling a Circuit Card with Spirit’s In-House Partner Latham Industries

March 21, 2022

Tracey Latham and Latham Industries moved into Spirit's empty suite with a sweet automated pick-and-place line last summer. Spirit, and our customers, have started to see first-hand what this line can do.


Latham's assembly line includes solder paste application, pick-and-place, bake, wash and inspections every step of the way.


Hear Marti and Tracey talk about the highly technical placement of a column grid array (CGA) on a custom ASIC board, cameras that can inspect and detect chip flaws in seconds, and how valuable our communication with our customers is to the whole assembly process.


With Spirit and Latham partnered under one roof, authorized component sourcing, value-added testing and board assembly are now only a walk down the hall.


You can learn more about Spirit's partnership with Latham Industries and our contract manufacturing capabilities spiritelectronics.com/contract-manufacturing.

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