Spirit: Behind the Screen

ASIC Dive: How to Maximize Time to Market and Program Cost with ASIC Test Programs

October 10, 2022

Zef Malik returns for an ASIC dive discussing the process and benefits to electrical test programs for ASICs. With the design access and knowledge in already part of an ASIC program, testing and qualifying an ASIC can quickly deliver ASIC devices ready-to-use with reliability.


Listen to Zef and Marti discuss:


(2:24) Benchmarking an ASIC

(6:01) The System on a Chip Market

(7:10) How ASIC Electrical Test Fits in the Full-Turnkey Screen & Qual

(11:00) Burn-In, Qualification Challenges, and Simplifying Test Programs

(14:00) Cost Improvement with ASIC Testing and Wafer-Level Test

(16:00) Product Roadmap and the Return of US Manufacturing


For more info about ASIC management through Spirit Electronics, visit spiritelectronics.com/services/asic.

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